Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Capitalizing on Your Ass(ets)

It was during my late-night televisioning yesterday that I discovered perhaps one of the most remarkable young women of the new millennium. This 22-year-old goes by the name of Natalie Dylan (her real name being too much of a risk to reveal, though her face is now plastered all over the internet) and she has come up with a rather ingenious idea—she is selling her virginity. More specifically, she is holding an auction, but she claims she won’t just give it up to the highest bidder—there has to be an “emotional” connection as well. And while, in the face of a very disapproving crowd of women (I was watching the Tyra Banks Show), she defended her mission with some feminist-like rhetoric, I’ve seen her quoted to have said that the money she earns will be used to pay for due college loans ([ironically], she was a Women’s Studies major) and graduate school. I just wonder which thought occurred to her first—that she can effectively reform gender politics or effortlessly get the funds needed to further her own personal development. But, these are relatively small wrinkles to iron out, which if she does will certainly make for an interesting Masters thesis...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Words on Demand

give me words. paper words. ink words. read words. delicious, edible words. words in the morning, words before bed. whispered words. loud, unapologetic words. sexy words. politically incorrect words. pretty words. words going bump in the night. white words. shadowed and outlined words. words embossed and embedded. secret words. boy words. girl words. in-between words. earthy, cool, and dirty words. disheveled words. words that need work. timely words. clich├ęd words. words unsaid. words of the world. nonsense words. kind words. kid words. words on demand. action words. radioactive radium words. words on the rocks, words on rye. culture words. fuzzy fluffy-bunny words. meow and bloop and poomf words. wtf words. missed words. velvety chocolate words. thank you words. no words. superfluous words. words recycled. words thrown away. new words. doubtful words. a mouthful of words. words wasted. words of prayer. words held within. erased words. chicken-scratch words. wrong words. real words. my words.