Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Other (Wo)man?

“schizophrenic split”

It’s a term and concept sprinkled all over feminist and women’s literature. From the historico-religious “Madonna/whore” to the somewhat less sexually-explicit Woman-as-servant versus Woman-as-self-actualizer, we find woman/women in this seemingly inescapable dual mode. And whether it’s the subdued and subservient mother/wife pinned up against the wild and wily witch, or a single woman toggling between the two stereoarcetypes within herself, it is seen as a disharmonious state. Not only does the split cause unwanted conflict, but one mode is clearly more socially acceptable than the other – bet you can guess which one that is.

Monday, December 1, 2008

energy exchange

When it comes to what I’m going to “do with my life,” most people know I’ve bounced around from one idea to the next, sometimes without any apparent logical progression involved. Once upon a time, I thought something was wrong with me for not being able to choose—that is, until Margaret Lobenstine made it okay to be so (ahem, socially acceptably) schizophrenic—we are not crazy, we are Renaissance souls, thank you very much. I’ll revisit this theme later (that is me, miraculously, making a plan), but tonight I want to say that my latest flash of interest is “nutrition counseling” and subsequently talk about energetics… or something of the sort.