Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"wanna get dirrty"

I’m thinking about Dirt.

City dirt. Industrial grime. Subway filth.
Pretty Repulsive Shit
But Pachamama’s soil and dust, ah!

Bare hands and feet to raw earth
return me to the land, stir up
ancient genetic memory,
my mind lulled to sweet surrendering
sleep, revelation.

We must shun all dirt, though, we are taught.

Kill 99.99% of germs

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all.

Your body is not the way
Earth will lead you astray

Purify Whiten Transcend
your sorry dirty sinful state.
You are here and yet, not meant to be.

Woman, put away your dirrty money,
but do don your decorations, oh yes.
God forbid you…
Come As You Are.

O but what if
the Grunge Goddess overthrew Glam?
What if
blood sex & magick
were exalted once more?
What if
This was Enough?

Monday, May 11, 2009

On the body of the Goddess

Some days ago, I started to wonder if/worry that a Goddess spirituality rooted solely in the body reinforces the gendered mind-body split that’s been used to uphold the “patriarchy”—even though the whole mind vs. body conflict is a false dilemma. All experience is ultimately embedded in the context of the body, including the “out-of-body” variety. And yet, a major component of patriarchy and its associated religions is the notion and desire to transcend the body. On one side, the wrong/sinful side: the body, the material/matter, nature/biology & sexuality, feeling/sensation, the concrete, the present, the subjective, multiplicity. On the other side, the right/righteous side: the soul, the immaterial, [culture]/philosophy & “civilization”, thinking/intellect, the abstract, the future, the objective, singularity. These lists can go on and on, but most important to note is that they also commonly represent, respectively, the “feminine” and the “masculine”. Given this dominant framework, however distorted, is it really to our benefit to focus all of our attention on the body as the source of woman’s power?