Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quest(ion)s of the Spirit

Autumn - my favorite season! - quietly approaches and, though it starts the waning phase of the year, now somehow feels like a rebirthing time. A chance to recoup and regroup in order to create / build / awaken some.. creature.. that's been waiting, waiting.. and can wait no longer.

And so during my bone collecting today, I stumbled upon some musings I had written at the beginning of this year that co-incidentally anticipated the "big issue" (or one of them, at least) I'm currently dealing with...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hija de La Luna

I have always been a child of Moon - fascinated / mesmerized / enchanted by her. She is the water-mover, and also the great Sun-fire mirror.

Water & Fire, "feminine" and "masculine"; they swirl deep within me (my astrological chart is almost all Water and Fire signs) and yet they are the most elusive. I continually lose/forget myself and must keep circling back, returning to zero, re-visualizing the map.

Mnemosyne helps by reminding me of my dream of Ch'ang-O, the Chinese goddess who lives on the moon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

'Wild Womyn Rising'

A priestess is an agent of Spirit/Goddess/God.
She is "in touch"
with the outer and inner worlds,
the seen and unseen.
She is especially in tune with
her Intuition; the Moon lights her path.
She is a healer, teacher, facilitator.
She holds space and builds bridges
in order for communication and transformation to occur.
She listens.
She is creative, (com)passionate, aware.
She is fully embodied and stands firmly in her power.
She is dedicated to a life of
conscious intention, growth, relationship, and community.
She is not afraid of "the dark" or her own shadow,
but also knows when and how to protect
herself and those she loves.
She is wise, yet continues to explore and learn.
She inspires and illuminates.