Monday, August 9, 2010

Hija de La Luna

I have always been a child of Moon - fascinated / mesmerized / enchanted by her. She is the water-mover, and also the great Sun-fire mirror.

Water & Fire, "feminine" and "masculine"; they swirl deep within me (my astrological chart is almost all Water and Fire signs) and yet they are the most elusive. I continually lose/forget myself and must keep circling back, returning to zero, re-visualizing the map.

Mnemosyne helps by reminding me of my dream of Ch'ang-O, the Chinese goddess who lives on the moon.

Barbara G. Walker calls Ch'ang-O the "keeper of the ambrosia of immortality (menstrual blood)" and makes her analogous to Lilith in that she left her jealous controlling husband, the "Excellent Archer," in order to live freely and fully in her power.

In my dream, Ch'ang-O blinded people, forcing them to use their inner vision instead. Of course the moon corresponds to and rules over dreams, intuition, deeper ways of knowing. In my dream, I was running away from her, away from her challenge.

And now I am intent on tracking her - the moon - watching her more closely, following her movements and the rhythms she creates. Just as she had "watched" and "followed" me when I was a child.

Perhaps it was this early crush that set the stage for my later love affair with Artemis - the Moon Maiden, Protector of Women & Children, the Huntress, running through forests and over mountains, silver bow in hand, claimed by no man. And though the passion has dimmed a bit, the Lady of the Beasts still roams in my heart.

I am hungry for more moon goddesses; my research brings me to Ixchel, ancient Mayan goddess of healing and childbirth, associated with the moon (sometimes as a double or triple goddess) and often pictured with a rabbit (like Ch'ang-O). Other sources designate her as the Universal Weaver and "Lady Rainbow." Sometimes there is a serpent in hand. Her tipped water vessel is the life-giving womb. As "keeper of the bones and souls of the dead," she is linked to the Ancestors.

"Not only know thyself.
Know where you have been.
Know where you are going.
Know the place of 'all knowing'.
Know the present moment."

I am also lured by the next brightest body in the sky after Lady Moon - Venus - along with her sisters Oshun, Erzulie. Goddesses of Love, water, beauty, sensuality, sweetness, Svadisthana 2nd chakra.

Mnemosyne reminds me of the primacy of water - of my womb healing and explorations - of the energy flows within the pelvic bowl - of the motions of belly and hips - of my sex and sexuality..

And just like that, I am in the realm of Fire, where I once rendezvoused with Hestia, Brigid, Pele. I remember.

Divine sparks in the dark.. whispers.. calling me to return, return, return.. My own inner voice insisting 'there must be more'.. no time to waste.. Listen.. water crashing on the shore.. fire crackling.. memories.. heartsong..

You should be dancing.