Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say My Name

DISCLAIMER: This article has nothing to do with sex, and the Destiny's Child song was a mere afterthought.

A couple of days ago, when Nature gifted us the first spring teaser of the year, I seized the opportunity to take a stroll through my local park. Upon entering and for a long while, I perched on the wooden rail of a bridge crossing a narrow stream that opens up into a much larger body of water. There were geese and Mallard ducks lazing about on the nearby shore. A greater distance away, two park visitors entertained themselves (and me!) with a miniature remote-controlled speedboat. The water, quite turbid, also accommodated a discarded baby stroller, a tire, and two floating red barrels marked "DANGER". A steady breeze crimped the water's surface.

It was all very peaceful and allowed me to ease into a feeling of connection. I began to wonder at the name of this body of water, but not the name one would find on a map (which I now know is Conselyeas Pond). Are you Brookville? Mmm, neh. I eagerly reached out with my mind, getting just Water and then very briefly something like Lila (which I just discovered is a Sanskrit word with a rather interesting meaning). Too hazy to be conclusive.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


The dawn of this new year caught me off guard. I didn't feel prepared, or something. All the intentions I'd set just a few months ago went floating about aimlessly in the dark recesses of my subconscious mind. The past month in particular drew me into a familiar space of uncertainty and contraction. I wanted to let it all go, everything - though, interestingly, it was a rather calm sort of despair.