Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are you expecting?

Here now the first snow is touching down -- before Halloween. Apparently, this is an anomaly in NYC history.

It's interesting to see the stream of adverse reactions to this turn of meteorological events. Essentially, they boil down to "This is wrong" or "This is bad" -- a common deduction when things go against our expectations.

No one expects snowfall in October because it doesn't fit the pattern we've grown accustomed to, because the calendar affirms that winter doesn't begin for another two months and snow is certainly/strictly a winter phenomenon, because we're not ready yet with our snow boots and sidewalk salts, because hey-wait-a-minute wasn't it 60+ degrees and sunny just a few days ago?

Heehee, fun funny.

It occurred to me very early on in life that having & holding fast to expectations is limiting and sets one up for disappointment. Recently, it occurred to me that becoming aware of one's expectations offers an opportunity to shift into a more liberating mode of exploration. Rather than working from a platform of expectation as absolute truth, we can get curious about the information it holds, ask questions, PLAY.

Pulling this conversation inward...

During the past week, two people entered my lifescape, different than most (if not all) other people that I've met thus far. In simply being who they are, these individuals have unveiled expectations I hadn't even known I was harboring and have thereby blown open new worlds of possibility for me.

Here now the Universe is inviting me to explore a larger context, move in new directions, to go beyond who/what/how I've considered myself and my world to be. And so I am faced with unfamiliar horizons in relationship & intimacy, in self-expression, in choice and in being.

Just as snow in October makes me remember and marvel at the wildness of Mother Nature, these encounters remind me that there always IS more. More layers, more nuances, more between the lines and beneath the surface, more space.

Push the boundaries you've created for yourself. Break out of your cage. Play the wildcard. Make mystery..and maybe a little mischief.


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