Monday, December 19, 2011

Au Revoir!

Ten days ago, my lifeclock flipped to the 25-year mark. As is customary, people asked me how it felt. While it didn't feel like a particularly big deal, it did feel different. I was suddenly struck with the need to get really focused and deliberate in my living.

I've already begun shifting much of my attention to the realms of business, facilitation, and publicity. Like the Page in Tarot, I am learning learning learning, but I am also harvesting the active go-get-it energy of the Knight so that I can play BIG & LOUD in 2012.

And as the new year approaches, I am becoming conscious (again) of things that need to be cleared in order to create space for the new seeds I want to grow.

Accordingly, I am hereby retiring/archiving Irigaray's Woman.

This blog has served me - and my readers, too, I hope - very well over the past three years. I am immensely grateful to all who have followed, read, commented on, and shared these word-webs of mine.

I invite you now to visit Lighthouse Nyn, House of Mnemosyne, and 55 windows for the latest in what I'm creating. For a complete list of my online publications, check out my Flavors. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Thanks & Love!

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